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Language Log

Thursday, Feb. 02, 2006 - 7:22 a.m.

1. My old friend from high school called me the other night. It's been years-- we exchanged lame "stay in touch' emails every year and a half or so, but that doesn't count-- anyway we talked for like an hour and could have one on longer. It was nice.

2. Our new entertainment center arrived yesterday and it looks snazzy. Everything is everywhere in the livingroom. We decided to get new blinds since the curtains that came with the house have always been ugly crap and looked even more so with all the fabulous changes to the living room. But there is this party tomorrow night, and we both have class all day today, and we have food to make and curtains to hang and all the stuff from the old entertainment shelving to incorporate into the new entertainment center and the floors need cleaned and...etc. When the people show up for the party, we may just pretend we aren't home.

3. At least we don't have to grade the exam tonight, too.

4. And I have lots of schoolwork, too. My teacher in the one class is kind of harsh, and I'm scared to not do the reading. It's a great class, but she doesn't cut anyone any slack, which is good, and lets everyone know it, which can be...unpleasant. Which is the point. But still.

5. I haven't gotten to write on my paper much lately. I need to do that this weekend. I need to finish the damned thing.

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