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Language Log

Thursday, Mar. 16, 2006 - 2:59 p.m.

Had to take poor Ballyhoo to the vet today-- he's been trying to pee in really weird places (like, in the basement, a mostly-empty plant flat, the kind with compartments that you carry 4" pansy pots in, when there was a perfectly clean litterbox just across the room), and after about a week of assuming he had just gotten a bad attitude for some reason, I noticed that 'trying' was the key word-- I'd put him in the basement with the litterbox and he'd be there squatting for much longer than it would normally take him. So today I caught him peeing on something white, and noticed that it was very dark orange, and called the vet. Had to leave him there with them overnight so they can get a urine sample. Poor guy, all blocked up.

Vindaloo is going to be insufferable until he comes back. Well, once she notices that he's gone, anyway.

Re: Tony getting shot. I saw it coming. You can't let a loony old mobster loose with a gun without someone getting shot. Seriously, just before it happened I said, "Now watch his uncle up and shoot him" and lo, there he went. I also predicted the guy hanging himself, too. "I bet he's gonna kill himself," I said, and then yep, he did. It was a prescient evening for me. J and I agree that Tony will live through this one; it's too early in the season to kill a major character, at least THE major character. But what chaos will ensue? I dare not guess.

We went to the big city yesterday to the new swanky richpeople theater to watch Night Watch, the Russian horror movie. Pretty good. Go see it, if you can find it.

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