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Language Log

Friday, Apr. 21, 2006 - 6:55 a.m.

I just noticed that one of my readers left a note in my guestbook, asking about my dissertation. Et tu, Dangerspouse?! Fie! Fie!

Well, I have started thinking about it. I'm sure there's some reading on which that can be construed as having started. Or begun to start. Having not yet quite entered the characteristic phase; not yet participating in a minimal subevent of dissertating, but still. These things take time, especially when it's me doing them.

There is a point in the preparation for this language institute when it goes from being all hopeful, all the applicants being nice to me because they think they're gonna come study Elementary Obscure Language X, to suddenly everybody being all argumentative and bitchy, about the time I send out the list of courses that won't be offered. That moment was yesterday. Damn, I hate these people. I said the language wasn't being offered. Go away now, will you? Shoo!

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