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Language Log

Friday, May. 12, 2006 - 7:38 a.m.

It's cold again today. High of 53! What the hell?!

I forgot to mention that we found drugs in our yard the other day. A little baggie with maybe a tablespoon of some white powder. I threw it in the trash. Bizarre. Wish I knew an addict to give it to. (Just kidding-- I'd never do that--that's a good way to end up with addicts searching your yard every day: yuck.)

Went to the gallery where my jewelry is to show her some new stuff. She liked my new style-- she hasn't seen my work since I started using my hand-dyed papers and making actual beads out of them. She took on consignment all four necklaces I brought. (I always think I have a lot of stock, but then one visit to her and I end up with no good pieces in my actual possession. Which is good, but not conducive to getting my things in other places. Which I guess I don't need to do yet anyway if I don't have enough to go around.)

I need to redesign the tags my things hang from-- the stuff isn't moving very quickly, and she doesn't think it's the price or the work itself, ergo must be the presentation. She did have them displayed prominently with all the other jewelry, so I can't blame her this time either, she isn't hiding them.

A big new hotel opened up right across the street from her, so, awesome. Booming business is what we're all hoping for.

Still nothing firm for the fall in the way of gainly employment. You know what I'm thinking...I could maybe just try to do this jewelry next year. If I work hard on it during the summer, then I'll be set to talk to gallery owners and get my stuff in for the holidays. Someone please remind me that a) it is a lot of work, and building this as a business properly may not be consistent with my getting any research done (especially since I can't seem to do both at once--my head is either completely in one place or the other); b)It actually costs money to make the jewelry and more to build it as a business--supplies, photos, website; c) and there's no guarantee that it would succeed. I could waste a lot of money and energy and still have squat in the way of income. Someone remind me of this, please. Before I start thinking it's a good idea.

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