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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 01, 2006 - 2:27 p.m.

Whenever I get finish a project, I find it difficult to get going again. I got my pictures back-- most of them are fairly mediocre. One or two would have been perfect, but I managed to not get the whole thing I was aiming at into the frame. There were a couple good ones of Ballyhoo, for what that's worth. He's so photogenic.

But I don't feel like taking the camera back out and trying again. Not just yet, anyway.

Took the new presentation cards to the gallery and transferred all the pieces onto the new ones. They look much better. I kept trying to take an informal inventory, get an idea of what if anything had sold...every time I noticed that something was missing and said hopefully, "Oh, it looks like the green one with the bead is gone" or "those orange earrings, maybe?", the store owner would say, "Oh, I gave that one as a gift to a friend of mine." or "Yes, I kept those, they match an outfit I have just perfectly. I really love your stuff!" I tried not to sound disappointed, I'm glad she likes it-- good advertising and all--I just wish there were more tangible evidence that others do, too! It was kinda funny. Yet sad.

My eye exam today took nearly 3 hours.

That's it, the exam took three hours out of the most useful part of my day, and two projects came to completion, and so now even though I have not gone to campus to work at all, I just can't bring myself to. I'm done. I need a nap. I'll start new things tomorrow.

J is off to another conference...I hardly got to see him. Come back soon, J, or I'll eat all your toffee!

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