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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 22, 2006 - 5:21 p.m.

Things I am exasperated about today:

1. My phone. It was on the charger all night and all day, yet when I picked it up this afternoon, it was dead. You have to lean it up on the charger, apparently. Stupid phone.

2. The teachers whose students I need to recruit for my experiment won't email me back. I emailed them yesterday saying I would like to come today, tomorrow, or Monday at the latest to their classes, and now it's the end of the day, no response. If my experiment gets fucked up because of them...I guess I will have learned another pitfall of research. I mean at least one of them is in L2acquisition, too, and I told him a month ago that I was going to be wanting to visit his class. Grr.

3. The students in the summer institute (surprise). I sent out the call for participants in the talk-about-your-research weekly thingie that begins next week. Mwalimu wanted the topic for next week to be langauge learning strategies. Everyone is writing back to say how they plan to attend but not to present. I guess next Tuesday we'll have a room full of people sitting and staring at each other.

4. Myself. This morning I was so overwrought, trying to get my experiments randomized (you know, because those teachers were going to let me know when I could come by their classes today, and so I gave up half my morning to making sure everything was ready). And I was printing up my IPA playing card set for class, and had to cut them into card-sized pieces, and I was running late and suddenly I became super clumsy, not able to find anything I needed, tripping over things, my hair not brushing, things whacking into things and cats jumping in front of me. I hate being in a hurry.

And now the phone is dead again.

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