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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 15, 2006 - 7:42 a.m.

Eyeballing it, on the surface (no standard deviations, t-tests, or confidence intervals as of yet), my experiment is turning out interesting. This is a huge relief. Whatever happens, I will probably have a five-page section on limitations of the study, but at least I will have found something suggestive. Most gratifying. I like data.

Class is going okay. Next week is nonlinear morphology and tense/aspect/mood. I'm so excited! It'll all be downhill from there, as far as I'm concerned (for them, probably a slight incline only).

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Loved it! Of course! Though, I'm trying to figure out what was up with all that reduplication in the 'language' of the Generosavages. I know, it's just a Disney movie, but. I can almost hear the writers saying, "how can we make the language sound really primitive?" "Reduplication!" "Of course, there's nothing more primitive and proto-langauge than reduplication!" Isn't it the Disney movies that always do the most harm?

Farmer's market today. Last week I bought some sweet sweet corn. Am hoping plum tomatoes will appear on the scene this week.

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