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Language Log

Sunday, Jul. 23, 2006 - 8:33 a.m.

We went shopping yesterday. My clothes were getting too big again. I am on one hand somewhat loathe to admit how delighted I am at this, and on the other, I am just delighted. I wish I was beyond body-image issues, but, alas. Plus, it's a symbol of control, and the appeal is difficult to resist (ironically). Anyway, I got a wonderful new pair of pants, and some shirts. J was very patient though the whole thing, bless his heart. I still have no shorts, and all of my _other_ pants are too big, but.

Also, farmer's market yesterday. I love this season. I bought the corn again, corn so good it made me want to cry. And some yellow pear tomatoes that were also nearly as good as that. Little, yellow, round exemplars of what tomatoes should taste like. Also got a watermelon, some round zucchini, a tiny acorn squash, and some peaches. Made a tomato pie (again, perhaps the best tomato pie I have ever made; everything just tasted good yesterday), and today will be consigning the peaches to a similar fate (only without cheese) (or mayonaisse)(and with sugar)(you get the idea).

These days I a) go for walks; b) plan my class; c) read articles; d) do things for the summer institute. I haven't been making much jewelry, which is bad because I was hoping to have a stock of things to try to sell to a store or two in the nearby artsy town that always gets a flood of visitors in the fall (there are leaves to be looked at there). Now would be the time to do that, but here I am, with only a small handful of jewelry, no website, no business cards. Not exactly full making-a-go-of-it mode. I can't seem to split my efforts between school and creativity. My brain is entirely in one place or the other. But, hey, at least my brain is somewhere, working on something-- not like when it gets stalled and wants no part of anything (that mostly happens in winter, I think).

I may take a Turkic language this fall. Have not yet decided.

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