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Language Log

Thursday, Jul. 27, 2006 - 6:16 a.m.

These wasp stings are itchy, and they won't go away. Rrg.

Had a very nice time at coffee with some of the visiting linguists from the language institute. They are funny and sarcastic, and enjoy talking about linguistics. So pleasant. Two of them are considering applying here, but as much as I'd enjoy having them around, I had to give them some important facts about life in the department. *sigh*

Anyway, many of the classes are on the brink of murder-suicide, it sounds like. Even though, all things considered, it sounds like it's going better than it did last year. I can't wait to read the evaluations.

Have to teach the argument/adjunct distinction today. Also semantic roles. I'm not quite sure how it's gonna go. In any case, it's Thursday! Yay!

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