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Language Log

Friday, Aug. 04, 2006 - 3:29 p.m.

Class went okay after all. If every day could go like that, it would be swell.

Today I called a gallery in the nearby artsy town. (Must get my stuff in there before fall hits and all the tourists come to ogle the leaves and do their Xmas shopping. MUST!). I was very nervous; calling people makes me nervous, asking people for things makes me nervous. But the man was very nice, said I could stop by anytime, just give a call when I was going to be out that way. He'd be glad to take a look at my work. They don't carry much jewelry, but they would still consider it and if they didn't think it would work for their gallery, he has a friend with a jewelry store that I might could talk to.

Very nice. See, I should just relax. People are nice more often than not. I think I'll go on Tuesday.

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