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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2006 - 9:33 a.m.

The big happening yesterday is that we went to the state fair. Great fun! I'd been wanting to get to the fair every year since I moved here, and never managed it till now.

Well, we saw the chickens and the pigeons and the ducks and the bunnies! (My favorite: angora bunnies, Russian tumbler pigeons, and those funny chickens with poofs on their heads). And the pigs! And the Percheron stallions (damn they're big)! It made me happy happy happy. The pigs were housed very close to the BBQ tent, the smell of smoked pork had me viewing those piggies in a decidedly carnivourous light. (Normally I think I would be more sympathetic to their plight).

Also passed through the culinary arts display. Pie and cake and cookies and candy and bread and preserves and even dried stuff. Next year I'm totally gonna enter something. Maybe multiple somethings. Too fun.

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