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Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006 - 7:39 a.m.

This time the wasps/bees/yellowjackets/ whatever-the-hell-they-are got me good. I was changing the turtle water, an operation that at this time of year invoves doing things with hoses outside-- near the compost heap. I saw the damned yellowjackets zooming around, so I ran like hell back inside before they could identify me as the disturbance.

Some 5 minutes later I'm in the kitchen having just got the siphon going in the tank when I realize that I have a bee in my pants (shorts, really-- they're a little loose-fitting, it must have flew up the leg). I drop the pants and bat at it as only a person with a bee in their britches can bat at themselves, but not before it got me good right under my bellybutton.

The bee met its end when I applied ant spray to it as it sought escape through the picture window.

I have the same itching reaction as I did last time, now a three-inch diameter patch on my lower belly. I tried putting toothpaste on as suggested, but it just made my stomach sticky. Lanacane has limited effect, too. Other suggestions?

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