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Language Log

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006 - 9:40 a.m.

Only two more weeks of these classes left. Then, I start over. A fresh start does not sound bad at this point. And I'll be doing "Expository Reading", whatever the fuck that is, which I think will be easier than writing.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am looking forward to my birthday pie. It will also be the 5th anniversary of J sending me cheese. I was already won over at that point, as you may recall, but the cheese really clinched the deal. I'm not sure I had met anyone that thoughtful before in my life--I mean, my mom is thoughtful, but even she wouldn't send me fresh cheese. She'd just wait till I came to visit, and then feed me some cheddar.
(of course, now I know his whole family, so I realize that he isn't a complete anomaly in this way. The whole family is. Them and their superhuman thoughtfulness.)


I found myself browsing through Apparel Merchandising Dept. course descriptions today. Maybe I should sit in on a course in the spring? Whaddaya think? Because I haven't got enough to do...(well, I'll just be teaching linguistics again then, so it'll seem like a snap). I bet it would be really useful.

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