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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006 - 6:07 p.m.

1. Damn the African Studies Program with their enormous files that they send out advertising every stinking event.

1'. Except, tomorrow evening there's a seminar on Tanzanian hip-hop. I hope I can go.

2. Almost done with classes. We are all ready to be done, the students and me, but the difference is that while they can leave their brains at home, I have to stand up there and do stuff, like a performing monkey. God, I hate this shit. I promised them a review sheet for the exam. What to review: grammar. Study the stuff we've talked about this semester. The end.

3. I have made several fantastic bracelets over the past few days. I bought a bracelet display from a store that is going out of business, and I have hung all of my bracelets on it. They look nice. It makes me want to wear them.

4. I have been waiting to see if my opinion about things changes. It has not, yet. I am waiting for more evidence. Evidence that my stuff will sell. No checks have come from the place in Memphis. We went to the little store where I sold stuff last month, and nothing had sold there, either. It's the peak of their season there; stuff should be selling if it's going to. I think it's because the salespeople in those places are stupid, and don't really understand the product well enough to say true and good things about it to the customers. Or they have it placed in some bizarre location where no one sees it. I don't think it's my stuff, I think it's the merchandising. That's my hypothesis, but I'd like more data to be sure, before making a decision. Cuz it would suck to have to work at Borders for the rest of my life because I quit grad school and my jewelry business failed.

5. I went to syntax reading group. Just in case I begin to fantasize about continuing my life in aspectology, I can go to the syntax group to remind myself of what I'll have to put up with for the rest of my life if I'm not careful.

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