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Language Log

Friday, Oct. 13, 2006 - 7:57 a.m.

Yesterday evening I was gathering up the trash and went to add this bag that had had our shoes in it, that J had brought back from Memphis with him. It had been there for 2 weeks, and there was just some assorted stuff at the bottom, so time for it to go. But when I looked in to see what the assorted stuff was, I found that it was a nice bundt cake wrapped in plastic that his mother had sent home with us.


Well, who would pack a cake with the shoes, anyway?

A tragic loss. I would have eaten the hell out of that cake, if I'da known it was there.

Yesterday I was eating a hot pocket for lunch, when a large piece of molar broke off for no apparent reason. No pain, thank goodness, but it was weird. So I went to my dentist, and he says it's because that was the tooth that we put a huge filling in, and fillings weaken teeth. Now I have to get a crown, because another filling on that tooth would just make it even weaker, and the next bit to fall off wouldn't necessarily be pain-free. I don't really know what a crown is, although they are something that you hear about all the time, but it will be expensive. I'm glad I have dental insurance now.

I skipped all but one of my reading groups/classes this week. It was nice. Only two more days of real class per class left, and then exams. I will be doing things differently next term, let me tell you.

One positive side effect, other than my decision to quit this nasty business, is that I have continued to lose weight, despite the fact that we eat out every night and I eat any damn thing I please, like pizza and calzones and hamburgers. And I haven't been getting any exercise because I drive in at 7:35 every day. More active time, I guess, thanks to getting up at 4am and not eating anything until noon. Whatever, it's all right.

I'm drinking my morning tea out a handmade clay mug shaped to resembled a pirate face. I don't usually like mugs with faces, but this one is good, especially for the morning, since he's snarling and looking groggy (pun intended). I'm out of my good tea right now, but am drinking this CTC stuff I got at Sahara Mart. It's quite good, really. Has some toasty notes, and is very malty.

Today I will make beef stew. And maybe collards. But not together.

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