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Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006 - 2:33 p.m.

I'm trying to write this thing. I've written an artist statement and a couple of very informative info blurbs, but my friend with the gallery has requested something else, something a bit more touchy-feely if I got her meaning right (since I sent her the other stuff and she's still asking for more, and she said something about 'infusing every piece with harmony' or some nonsense, I think that's what she wants.) Anyway, I'm trying to write a bit of romance to sell my goods. I find that if I just write onto a blank page in Word, nothing happens. Operant conditioning, I suspect: I associate Word with writing papers, and can't do anything but formal essays in it anymore. Whereas here, I can just go blah blah blah, and not worry at all about structure. Kinda interesting, and a piece of data for all those people who wonder why anyone would keep an online diary. But I digress. (Do I do anything BUT digress?).

Anyhow, what I have so far is,

My jewelry is about possibilities.

I'm told that if you want your work to be considered art, it has to be about something. I think the above statement is true. It is about possibilities first of all because of what it means to me-- an entirely different possible path in life-- second, how it came about, with me pushing my brain to figure out new things to do with beads, paper, words, wire, and varnish. And finally, the words that I put on the things are about possibility--either fairly explicitly, like the 'dream' and 'imagine' pendants that seem to be popular, or with the sentence and story fragments that I like. Ideally, I would like to capture the imaginations of those who wear and view the jewelry: it sounds silly, but I see each piece as a little door opening to some possible world. Kinda like in the opening sequence of The Twilight Zone. Only with more colors. And less creepy.

Okay, do you think I could use that?
I will now copy this to my word file and see if I can avoid turning it into a 5-paragraph essay.

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