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Sunday, Nov. 05, 2006 - 2:55 p.m.

Have spent the day browsing the Small Business Administration website for tips on how to start a business. They have a great website for that! I'm pleased to say that there wasn't a whole lot there that I hadn't thought about at all (positive translation: I seem to have thought about most considerations a little bit already), but it helped me make a list of things to fill in with details, a way of making things concrete rather than just lurking in the pockets of my brain.

Of course, this is how it goes: I'm browsing their marketing tips. It suggests sending thank you notes and appropriate seasonal greetings to customers. I think, why I should do that this year. Why not? I could make a nice seasonal card with my Print Gocco. Send it to my two customers. Plus family.

So then I start googling Print Gocco sites for inspiration, and then I discover that it's true that Riso is stopping manufacture of Print Gocco supplies, and then I start looking for ingenious ways to continue to use the equipment without actual Gocco materials. And then I discover StencilPro, a handy easy silkscreening system that can use Gocco equipment, but is much more versatile, just as easy, and cheaper. And not going out of production. So I bought a starter kit. Well, not the actual kit, which included a bunch of crap I don't need, but a box of stencils. I have high hopes.

Oh yeah, I'm ignoring the fact that I basically can't draw. That's beside the point!

And that I never really send thank you notes or seasonal greetings. Also beside the point!

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