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Language Log

Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006 - 3:57 p.m.

Only one more week of classes. I think I have made my reading class too difficult. No one told me what sorts of things they would have trouble with. I tried to ask simple questions, but they weren't simple enough. They get to scratching their heads in frustration over things I never anticipated being difficult. "'Both are available in paperback.' What does that MEAN?!?!" I gave them this passage that was very idiomatically written, I knew they would have some trouble, but I thought the writer's viewpoint would bop them over the head-- let's just say, it didn't. Only one more week, and I'm just now getting an idea of what they need. Better late than never?

I don't know how my betwixt-and-between plan for next semester is going to go. The idea was that I can only do schoolwork one day, the rest of the week is for jewelry. But the class I'm teaching is two, maybe three days a week (if a couple more students enroll in the Friday a.m. class), the prof wants to meet twice a week, if I try to put my reading groups on those days. I dunno. I need large chunks of time, for either art or paper-writing. I have a feeling it's not going to work, I'll just be treading water. But maybe I just think that because it's Thursday, at the end of a bad semester.

Still no sunlight. I gained 5 pounds over Thanksgiving. Damn you, in-laws.

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