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Language Log

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006 - 8:10 a.m.

Classes are over! I got a little slack towards the end, but who cares! Just the final exams, and it's over! All over but the shoutin (that occurs when the students come to pick up the final grades).(Well, actually that usually involves crying and offers of bribes).

No more getting up at 4am. Unless I just really want to. Which I won't, I guarantee.

The exciting event of the weekend so far is that I was in this store that had these really cool shoes that I was certain would never fit me, because really cool shoes do not come in my size as a general rule, but the person said yes, in fact we have many at 50% off because no one buys the big ones. So I tried them. And they actually fit me (a size 11 on the label is often still not enough to meet this condition; things hurt sometimes as anyone who wears shoes knows). I bought two pairs
(well, J bought me two pairs. Thanks again, Sweetie!). One looks like Converse (the signature linguafranca shoe), except instead of white rubber, it has brown leather, and the cloth part is a nice deep red color. Me but better: Stacey and Clinton would approve. (I think. Whatever.) The other pair is also excellent, but less easily described. Palladium is the brand. My new favourite (with a 'u' because they are European). I'm looking at their website right now (palladium shoes.com)-- they have a furry ballet slipper ("Kassel"). Wow.

I also made some new greeting cards. It occurred in fits and starts, but eventually I was pleased with the result.

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