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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006 - 8:56 a.m.

Sometimes I like being in a position of power over others. So I can get them to do things right. At a job, I sometimes get a bit particular. But I don't like having the kind of power that a teacher has, which is only semi-power where yes, you do the evaluation and enter the grade, so everyone credits or blames you instead of themselves.

I just want them to all go away now. The semester is over. Shoo. Go enjoy your new life in the Korean military, or whatever.

And where do these freshmen come from, who think of Bs in the same way that grad students think of Bs? It's not natural. Bless my slacker students, who didn't show for the final and who just don't care. May they go far.

Yesterday, my mother couldn't remember the name of my nephew's middle baby. It is an unusual name (Korinn), but she has been around the kid plenty. Also, she couldn't remember my sister-in-law's brother's name (Han Jin). He gets mentioned much less often now that my sister in law is an ex-, but still. Also, she had her credit card stolen while she was doing an open house, and they ran up $14,000 that day. She got it fixed, but. The great relief is that it clearly wasn't my brother, this time. Suddenly, she seems much more vulnerable than ever before.

Not that I am all sad news. I drew up a work schedule for myself and wrote it on a transparency and stuck it to the wall of the Scriptorium. It will allow me to keep track of my production goals. I also figured out a new thing to do with paper, which I cannot explain. Just a new shape to make, with much potential. That said, I will now go glue things to things.

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