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Language Log

Friday, Mar. 16, 2007 - 8:51 p.m.

1. Left some stuff at a gallery today, the one we checked out the other week the day I got the speeding ticket. I think it'll be good, but I always feel like I've left a piece of myself behind when I leave batches of jewelry places. Even though I'd like to be doing that more often. And one necklace, the one I finished early this morning so I'd have one more fun thing to give them, I could have done a better job finishing it. I hope no one notices. It's secure, it just isn't as neat on the back as it could be. Rrm.

2. We went to Louisville to scope out some galleries to approach there next time I get on a kick. I like Louisville. The places we saw there made me think: I need to make my stuff even weirder. I need to make it better. I need to maximize and realize some of these ideas I have instead of repeating the same designs. In a way I don't do that since everything is one of a kind, but in a way I do. Oval pendant. Oval pendant. Oval pendant. Square pendant. Square earrings. Square earrings. Etc. J said I should give voice to my darker side. It was a snarky, hip shop we were in that made him say this, where I think my stuff COULD go, but CAN'T just now because it didn't quite fit the aesthetic. (Except maybe the Zowie pendants) But, give voice to my darker side just made me think of doing a genocide necklace. Maybe not that dark, eh? Fun dark, not actually displaying my true pessimistic core.

I like the idea, though. Externalization of deep pain; silently expressed in a medium that is usually not taken seriously.

The problem is, I don't think I'm deep enough to actually make it interesting. Well, anyway. I came away with some new ideas, whcih is always nice even if I can't use them all.

3. When I came back, I found a message from someone asking if I could make a custom batch of my IPA thank you notes. Awesome cool. I have no idea how to do pricing for large orders of cards. I gave a price that I thought was reasonable; I'd rather err on the side of too cheap for now. I hope I did. I have no idea, really.

Anyway, very exciting all in all.

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