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Language Log

Saturday, Mar. 17, 2007 - 8:06 p.m.

What I wanted to say but did not:

1. Discussions of censorship on Etsy. One person said, "I am only a bodyphobe when it comes to ugly people".

Ugly people should get to flaunt it, too. Who are these people who think they should get to tell others what to do with their bodies?!? Aagh.

2. A promo thread calling for "serious jewelry for serious buyers". I was truly stymied as to whether I could post there. Even my fanciest piece isn't "serious", though it is fabulous and took a lot of time to make and involves lots of turquoise.

"Serious" jewelry= jewelry for serious people?

= jewelry made by serious people?

= expensive jewelry?

= jewelry made with certain ingredients?

I followed one link to find a $2,000+ necklace, made with all these fine gemstones and real gold that was shiny but BORING AS HELL. Essentailly beads on a string, where the beads were faceted expensive things and teh wire was, apparently, pure gold. But still, a string of beads.

What'll it be, design or materials?

Listen to me, putting on airs. Like I know anything.

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