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Language Log

Sunday, Mar. 18, 2007 - 8:55 p.m.

The most popular misspelling on Etsy is 'sell' for 'sale' and vice-versa. "What do you want to sale today?" "How many sells have you had?" I think it's a lovely little study in dialectology.

Also have seen 'quite' for 'quiet' a few times now ("just having a quite evening at home"), which is funny because J has a story from his youth on the theme of being a transplant from northern climes straight into the heart of Dixie that features this homonym pair. See hon, the teacher was right to focus on this pair.

I dyed some paper today. Lemon yellow + aquamarine + fuschia = rainbow! Love it. Also did some nice purple and teal that I can't wait to cut into. And coral and aqua. The aqua was a recurring theme.

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