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Friday, Mar. 23, 2007 - 10:07 p.m.

Ugh, man, I don't know what happened today. I got very hung up on that thing about the ACEOs. I have too much of a problem with authority. It would be better if I could be a little more clever about what I do with my anti-authoritarian urges, but I'm usually not clever, I just grouse about little things that other people don't see as a big deal, and I annoy them.

Well, just for the record, I still think it's stupid. I asked if the value of an ACEO artwork is actually worth less in collectors' eyes if it is not exactly 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Someone said yes, because if they're that size, they fit in the little plastic sleeves and people can put them in albums and whatnot.

Well, I didn't point it out, but things smaller than that will also fit into that size sleeve just fine. And it's ridiculous to say it's less valuable as art because of that. (the value of the art is usually negligible, but that's beside the point).


I'm just sayin. People and their gratuitous rules. It's irked me all day and put me in a bad mood and I couldn't make anything new. Except my little small rebellious calligraphy piece, which IS NOT an ACEO, no no no, it's way too small. Even if it would fit in the plastic sleeve. And even though it is a card. Done by and artist. And it's an original. So, it's an original artist card, but not and Artist Card Edition/Original.

Okay, clearly not over it yet.

If somebody would just admit that it's a stupid rule, I could move on.

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