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Sunday, Apr. 01, 2007 - 3:15 p.m.


Just picked up my slides that I took of some of my pieces-- last week at the time of the Flying Carpet incident. I looked at them in the lightbox, and they looked good-- I was optimistic! Than I got them home and threw in the CD-- crap! they're all crap! No even one useable one. All grainy, which I don't understand since the lower the ISO, the less grainy, or so I was told. But at ISO 50...I dunno. Very disappointed, and out time and money.

Plus, the CD they give? Low resolution pics. Lame. So even if the photos had turned out okay, I likely would not have been able to use the digital files anyway.

I have some 200 film that I'll try. But it's another really windy day, so not today.


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