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Monday, Apr. 02, 2007 - 6:42 p.m.

I had to order some more business cards today. Never mind that I still have somewhere on the order of 975 of the other ones left; the thing is, 20 minutes after I received them, J said, "Um, should you have put our home address on theere like that?" and I poo-pooed him, but it was enough to make me not want to really hand them out to random strangers. Especially not here in town. So I've reserved those ones for people far away or gallery owners, or other trusted, special people.

So I need more to give out like mad here in town, to leave on bulletin boards and in hair salons etc...and also ones that I can attach free things to if I want. So I did a new one with all the design on the right, and some open space on the left where I can attach a small pin or magnet or something for special people.

I'm a little skeptical of this idea of handing out free promos, but we'll give it a shot. I'm kinda cheap and am concerned that it will not pay off, given that any item of mine takes kind of a long time to make, and I don't want to be handing out $8 pins like they're candy. However, when I ordered a pair of slippers from an Etsy seller, and she sent me a friggin' free HAT. And I will keep her in mind for all of my future knitwear needs, let me tell you...so maybe it would pay off. We'll see. But the cards are totally functional just as cards-- they are multipurpose.

I was reading an article today related to the topic of the paper I haven't been writing, and the guy (who is a famous guy on my subject) pointed out my line of research and said, "no, there hasn't been any work on this-- that's just a historical accident, and should be rectified." That's something that warms a junior researcher's heart.

But does not, apparently, necessarily kick-start her writing apparatus.

In gardening updates: most of my mints seemed to have made it through the insanely cold winter. Except for maybe the KY Col., which has as yet shown nary a shoot. That was my favorite, so I'm holding out hope...it was healthier in the fall than the apple mint, which made it fine, so dunno...

I got more blisters on my feet when I went for a walk today. Where will it end?

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