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Language Log

Monday, Jun. 04, 2007 - 8:58 a.m.

Good thing I kept my expectations low for the second day: I sold exactly 1 pair of earrings. Well, but in all it was okay: I sold 3 times the booth fee for the weekend, learned a lot, and made some good contacts. Got an invitation to apply to the holiday show in the little town where I've desperately wanted to have my stuff on display. And lots of positive feedback from everyone. Several people (complete strangers) told me I should be in the bigger shows in Indy--the "Big 3"-- the ART SHOW art shows I really aspire to do. (That contrastive reduplication doesn't work so well in print, does it?) So, yay. My need for constant positive reinforcement and validation was satisfied for a couple of days.

It's much more gratifying than linguistics in this way. Maybe it will be bad for me in the long run, but to have this thing that I enjoy intrinsically and then to have other people love the result and want to hear all about it...can you beat that? I kind of doubt it.

I got to eat 50 cent apple pie sold by the Llama Club. It was good. Missed the sheep shearing demos, though.

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