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Language Log

Friday, Jun. 08, 2007 - 1:54 p.m.

In the interest of good customer service, I should buy some clip-on earrings in case someone wants me to convert a pair for them. Someone asked last week and was reportedly disappointed that I didn't have any. However, they're like $17 for 36 pairs. Sure, one sale would make up for that, but still. Well, and I have to have both silver-toned and gold-toned. Over $30 on things that most people don't wear, just in case!

Of course, if no one buys them, then I have enough to keep my mom in earrings for the remainder of her natural life.

I'm just getting sick of having to buy things. Most of the purchases are one-time expenses to get my art fair lifestyle up and going, but still. I felt like I had made a little money last weekend, but ever since it's been going going going. And not on the fun stuff, like new art supplies. Just ear wires and s-hooks and plastic containers. Boring.

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