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Friday, Jun. 22, 2007 - 9:18 a.m.

Just read this article about how Australia will be banning alcohol and pornography on Aboriginal territories, in an attempt to quell the sadly, dramatically high rates of child sexual abuse.

It's a tough one for me-- clearly they have some social problems, and abuse of even very young children is one of the results, and yeah, gotta try to stop it. Urgently. On the other hand, my first thought was, how very patronizing. Like banning anything ever works. Maybe go after some of the underlying causes that are leading to the drinking and all that free time?

Looks like they will be, but the ban is something to have in place until they can get the rest of it effectively under way.

The indigenous councils are reportedly in favor of the ban, so that's good.

And, yeah, alcoholism. If I could ban my brother from alcohol, I would, infringement on his freedom or no.


It rained last night, and so I can't mow the lawn today. Darn.

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