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Language Log

Monday, Aug. 06, 2007 - 5:04 p.m.

Grr, I'm bummed. Ther's this one show I wanted to apply for, a juried one, the only one actually here in town that I haven't missed the deadline for this year. Anyway, they want slides. They're quite firm about this. But my el-cheapo digital camera only takes 96 resolution photos, which will make my pics look like giant mosaics (and not in the good way) when projected from slides, even though they're ok for viewing onscreen.

1) buy a new camera and learn to use it and take new photos NOW so I can get the pics back from the lab before the Sept. 1 deadline.
Not good: I'm broke and this sounds hectic.

2) hire a local photographer to take some real pictures for me, also to get them back before the deadline. Also not so great, since I don't have the fabulous lineup of amazing items that I imaged having ready to go when I'm finally ready to hire a real photographer. This means I'd have to do it twice, which I'm guessing costs a lot more.

3. Submit slides of the photos I have. Probably a waste of money.

4. Give up.

Not real happy with any of these options, frankly.

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