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Language Log

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007 - 7:38 p.m.

My, it's been awhile. We went to Memphis for a baby shower this past weekend, hence the unusually prolonged silence. The fun parts were:

1. Seeing Jerry Springer: The Opera.
2. Eating tapas with friends before the aforementioned show.
3. Taking my jewelry to the person at the boutique down there and her taking quite a lot of it on consignment. Much talk of how everyone likes my work.

Less fun:
1. The actual shower. It wasn't bad, but you know how I am. The food was good. But I was wearing a dress.
2. Going downtown at the beginning of Elvis week.

Even less fun:
1. The futile yet inevitable assistance of the father-in-law at helping me take photos of items I need slides of. It didn't work, but it did take lots of time and a little money.
2. I forgot my tea and had to drink a blend containing Keemun. Keemun is fine, I just don't care for it in the morning, but it was better than the alternatives.

When we got home, there was a message that 5 pairs of earrings had sold at the place I had just taken them to last Thursday.

Also, I took some samples to the Arts Council today for their jurying to get me into the gift shop, and the person who took them raved. Raved, I say. It was very nice. I like raving arts council directors.

So even though I won't be able to get the slides done to get into that last holiday show, maybe I'll be busy enough as it is. I am feeling a bit of a panic coming on. In a good way.

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