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Language Log

Sunday, Sept. 02, 2007 - 1:21 p.m.

Goddamit I have tried to add an entry three times now and I keep hitting some damn button that makes all my work go away. Fuck it.

As I was saying (and if I do it again I am NOT going to rewrite this all a fourth time, I swear), I need to relax. I get very worked up when getting ready for an art show. So worked up, I can't type, apparently. Yes, I'm excited, it's all good, I just can't take it easy in the way one might imagine I should. Will my canopy stay put? Do I have enough earrings? Do I have too any things in neutral, fall colors? Not enough bracelets? Not enough necklaces (well, I know the answer to that-- I only have one full necklace right now).

Went to the local art fair, the one I really wanted to be in but I missed the deadline back in April. I don't feel like my setup is professional enough, that's one problem. It's on the right track, but not quite there yet. But I gotta get the pics for my applications next year, this year.

I hate being made to think ahead.

Also, I'm trying to come up with fun advertisingy yet informative signs to put around my booth. I read somewhere (well, several places now) that you should describe your product in terms of benefits, not features. Well, being a linguist of generative training, I find it hard not to think in terms of features. Seriously, though, it's hard. Especially to make them not cheezy.

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