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Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007 - 9:39 p.m.

I checked out a couple of books on calligraphy today. Not basic stuff, but books showcasing work by ass kicking contemporary calligraphers. It's inspirational, and helps to remind me of all the places I can put serifs if I want. Or flourishes. I swear, I looked at the books for about an hour and then later when I came home and calligraphed, my work was already better.

Although I sometimes get overenthusiastic about the serifs on my capital Js and they end up looking like Ts. But they also look like Js. I will trust context to disambiguate.

I have been putting off assembling earrings, so have about 10 pairs to do tomorrow. It's my least favorite part. Tomorrow afternoon, up to the location of this weekend's show to set up the canopy.

I decided to do the bigass show. Did I say that already? I would be a wuss not to. And really, if I can't make the money back in 5 days with 60,000 holiday shoppers perusing my goods, now would be a good time to find that out.

I guess I'd better start thinking about holiday items. Yech. A few, anyway.

In other news, I'm happy because my friend found a job. She has spent a long time not having a job, and finally has landed her dream job (seriously-- she has wanted to do this since I met her in 4th grade) taking people on trail rides and caring for the horsies. She was never especially apologetic about not having a job, but I think she was a bit irked by the situation (but not irked enough to take a job that sucked). So both the two of us, finally doing what we wanted to do when we were in 4th grade. It doesn't get better than that, does it? (At least when your 4th grade intuitions were basically right).

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