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Monday, Sept. 17, 2007 - 9:22 p.m.

So, I still ahven't committed to that big whacking show. I'm having second thoughts.

The conventional wisdom about art shows is that a) juried shows with NO buy/sell of imports are better than non-juried shows where they let anything in, and b)...well, actually a) about covers it. Buy/sell= BAD FOR CRAFTERS.

Now, this Big Whacking Show is not juried in that sense. They let anyone with a nice display and new items in, as far as I can tell. Electronics. Imported jewelry. God only knows whatall else. So, that would mean bad for me. Yet, with that many people coming through, bent on finishing their Xmas shopping, how can I go wrong?

And more to the point, in this world, I am competing with EVERYONE. Cheap imports as well. Always. Walmart is always there, y'know? And insofar as I have a very different product, I have an advantage.

So I don't know if buy/sell really is that much of a threat? Less competition than would be another jewelry artist with really cool work. And I'm not selling all high-end stuff. I have excellent price points. And stuff in malls is so overpriced, if people have come from the malls, my things may look better to them than they will at some of the lightly juried art shows I've been doing this year (full of weekend beaders just trying to make money for their next bead binge, bless their hearts). Not look so expensive.


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