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Saturday, Dec. 01, 2007 - 8:28 a.m.

Welcome to December. Ah, December.

I want to begin making goodies, but don't need everything I'll make and frankly am too sick of Thanksgiving sweets to really want to eat them myself. I just want to make them and give them away. And with the quitting of school, it eliminates a number of people from my goody-recipient list,sothere are fewerpeople thanever to consume my edible largess. Oh, yes, I could still give people things, they wouldn't mind. But I don't really want to go back to campus, back to the department. I might have to talk to someone. Despite the fact that I am doing quite well and have nothing to be ashamed of, I still don't want to talk to them. Nor give them my homemade goodies.

Yesterday I made my Xmas cards. They turned out ok. I'm less excited about them than I thought I would be. I may make more of last year's design to send to my customers (gallery owners only, not every individual on my mailing list); I liked last year's a lot more even though the basic concept is identical.

My scanner is not working. This is a problem since I have been charged with the task of scanning photos for my mother to turn into a photo album for my brother. Also, I was thinking about finally making a wedding album for her. Also, I have to do a piece of jewelry with a photo of my dad's on it for her. None of this can I do without a scanner.

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