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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007 - 9:05 a.m.

Yes, okay. The nap was nice. Now I'm on that western time schedule though and I couldn't get up until 8:30 today! Terrible.

We have to leave on Saturday or so to go to Memphis from where on Monday we will fly to Florida and remain there until Xmas Eve eve, at which point we will fly back to Memphis and remain there for god knows how long. Through Xmas I will be ok; it's that infinite stretch from the 26th through till after the new year that gets to me. I can bring some art stuff, yeah, and I will and I'm sure it will help, but. Here at home I get to play on the computer and cook and dawdle with my cats and stuff and there almost all of those options are limited if not eliminated. Even if I keep myself occupied somehow, it's still just a week of waiting to come home.

Ok, I'll stop complaining in advance.

Before I go I have to:
1. Send an item to that author for it to be photographed. (Did I mention, someone writing a craft book on paper jewelry has asked me if I'd like to be included in the Gallery! To be published next summer.)
2. Take items for my jury slides to the photographer.
3. Mail t-shirt to brother.
4. Make marshmallows.
5. Finish my mom's necklace.
6. pick out some piece of my jewelry for J's cousin, my designated giftee this year.
7. Finish the the earrings for the m-i-l's present.
8. There was more, I know there was more, but I can't remember now and as a result something crucial will go neglected.
9. Oh, contact my friends in Florida to see if they want to visit with me.
10. Send the Xmas cards that I have so painstakingly screenprinted.

The Valley of Fire was incredible. I never thought that I would really like the West that much (so many people seem to like it, I thought I naturally wouldn't), but I did. I liked the desert and the vast expanse of nothing around Las Vegas. To look out at those dry mountains and know that they go on for days, with nothing in them at all. Just my sort of aesthetic I guess, even in the absence of sea. Who knew.

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