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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 04, 2008 - 5:00 p.m.


I was thrilled that the professional photos I had taken only cost me $34. Till I got them home and discovered that with the exception of the one of the necklace, they are slightly less good than the ones I routinely take myself. One has a piece of lint visible on the jewelry. One he took the picture of the back of it (I thought it was obvious-- it's initialled!). The others have glare, and one isn't completely in focus. And the color is kinda weird.

So, $34 for a good photo of a necklace. Fine. I had to have it done, I just couldn't get the darn thing to turn out right. But now I have to spend tomorrow photographing the other stuff over again.

It sorta makes me feel good about my photography skills, though.

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