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Language Log

Tuesday, Jan. 08, 2008 - 8:26 a.m.

The January slump is officially here (despite the record highs outside and the fact that yesterday and today I can leave the windows open for a nice, pleasant breeze).

I should be:
a) making inventory
b) researching shops to market myself to
b') then doing so
c) lather, rinse, repeat.

Instead I am fretting over finances, mostly. No, I did get some things started yesterday (6 items, not too bad I guess). I made these nifty new informational cards to include with purchases (a little About Me spiel, a little How I Make This Stuff spiel, plus the care information), using some of the fancy (oatmeal speckletone) cardstock I've been turning into greeting cards. Added value, you know. Well, I haven't actually rendered them onto the cardstock yet, but I will. Maybe today. This is not exactly an urgent enterprise; I still have some of the old care cards left, and won't be going to market until May at the earliest.

I also redesigned my business cards (again, I'm nearly out, sure, but won't need more for some time).

Signed up for MySpace, but don't know how to Make It Go, get the magic going everyone keeps talking about. Not sure I really have time for it, frankly, but then, what the hell else am I doing?

I also have my second shop to open, this one with my printed matter. Can't seem to get past the avatar and banner design.

This is what it's like: internal chaos and dread.

Oh, I was gonna start a newsletter, too. I have lots of addresses I've been collecting from people, but I find that I have nothing to say. Nothing newsletter-worthy. Same reason I have not done a proper blog. Things for newsletters and blog have to be, you know, coherently written,and not just about the weather or how my in-laws annoy me or how I don't know what I'm doing. They have to be an extension of my brand. Maybe that's the problem-- I have to figure out what my brand would write about.

So weird. So NOT gluing of things to things. Yes, I still like it, I'm just sayin'.

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