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Language Log

Wednesday, Jan. 09, 2008 - 11:26 a.m.

Finished up my new little info cards. I like them.

One of the things I vowed last year was to work out a way to use recycled paper in my jewelry. I can basically make paper from scrap like I used to back in the day, then use it for the structure of the jewelry. It doesn't dye up well though (it will dissolve), and I can't calligraph on it or print on it, so my main barrier has been figuring out how to make the recycled pieces look visually distinct enough to tell them apart and treat them as a new line, etc. Yet have them be of a piece with the rest of my work (which using magazine collage or whatnot would not, especially)

Finally, I have some new ideas in this regard. Stay tuned.

Naturally I picked the worst possible time of year to decide to begin making paper again (my setup is in the basement: COLD hands). But, tis the season for experimentation.

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