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Friday, Jan. 11, 2008 - 7:56 a.m.

Acquired a new blender for the latest bout of papermaking-- the old one was shooting our blue sparks from the bottom and worse yet, not really blending the paper completely.

I've found what may be the perfect new thing to do-- I'm experimenting with cuff bracelets (or bangles? Not really sure of the difference) and then small round boxes. A 2-3 inch widecuff bracelet leave A LOT of room for ornamentation, so I'm kind of excited. Damn the long delay between start and finish of my projects-- I won't want to give it the full-on go-ahead until I've totally varnished one up and test-driven it a bit. But I'm still excited. They take a lot longer than my other pieces, though. More materials. I'll need to buy new, giant boxes. And they won't do anything to capture the dainty jewelry market-- these make my regular bracelets look positively demure. Not sure I really want the dainty jewelry market, though. Bor-ing.

Anyway, the recycled paper turns out to be perfect for this. Something about the way it melds together. Yummy (though maybe a little lumpier than I'd like-- but we'll see what the finished product is like).

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