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Friday, Jan. 18, 2008 - 10:43 a.m.

It's difficult not to get discouraged this time of year.

Just got a call from the people at the gallery in Florida, they want me to 'come by and pick up' my work. They had a flunky call, so no real explanation as to why. Granted, they've only sold like one thing a month, and business is business, but it's a little disappointing. They never had enough on hand to make a good showing of my work. I tried to leave them more, or at least trade out pieces that had been sitting there for a while, and they declined. I'm not gonna cry about it or anything (okay, I already did, just a little)-- just another reason to get out there and get some more accounts (wholesale this time, not consignment). But geez, I have a couple places where it's not exactly flying out the door (all consignment places!)-- yeah, all of them are places where all they want is 10-12 pieces. Blah. But I don't really want to lose them!

Should I try to talk her out of it? Probably not. *sigh* I liked having some work out there in my hometown, though.


Oh yeah, I finally sent out my newsletter yesterday. No discernable activity from it.

And a piece I shipped to France 2 weeks ago still has not arrived. I see a refund looming on the horizon.

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