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Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 - 9:45 a.m.

I just really wish the price of precious metals would stop rising. Last week I was thinking, if the price of silver would just go back under $15 an oz, I'd buy enough to get me through the year. It hung around $16.60 for several days, dropped one day to 16.40-somthing, and I held my breath. Yesterday, it was at 17.45. I could cry. And all I'm buying is wire. I feel sorry for actual silversmiths (and goldsmiths! $918, yikes!). But I'm completely out of 22ga silver-- that means no finished pendants until I buy more. Or necklaces.


I did get 2 consignment checks in the mail-- I wasn't really expecting any, January sucking as it does. So whoo! $65! But it did motivate me to keep making.

Now that I'm supposed to be doing springy things, though, I'm all gloom and doom. Making some really nifty paper, but. Well. 'pretty' isn't the word that comes to mind, really. And most women seem to want 'pretty'. I don't get it, but there it is. And instead, I'm making earrings that look like someone bled to death on them. Lots of dark, murky colors.

Oh well, I don't really understand what people want, so. May as well go with it if I'm into it. I'm sure someone else will think it looks like a flower petal or some damned thing and buy it anyway. Bless their hearts.

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