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Language Log

Friday, Feb. 15, 2008 - 2:57 p.m.

UNlike printed rejection letters, emailed rejections leave you no time to steel yourself for the blow. You look at your inbox, and see the subject line "Broad Ripple Art Fair not invited" and that's that. No mystery about what lies within.

Then they tell you where to find detailed information about your score so you can figure out what caused teh failure, but it isn't actually on their website as they say it is. So you feel like an even bigger loser.

I looked at my application again through the application website, and there's a whole question that I swear I was not presented with at the time I applied. "Give 100 character discription of work, including techniques, materials and other pertinent information to help the jurors understand your artwork." It's blank. As if I would have overlooked that.

Yeah, I know I gotta have a thick skin, but I can have a minute to feel sorry for myself, right?

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