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Language Log

Friday, Feb. 22, 2008 - 4:38 p.m.

Ugh, ugh. Got the ain't-sellin-nothin blues again. Tell ya what. Sheesh.

All these Etsy sellers and their success stories. The other trunkt ones are the worst. "I get wholesale requests on a regular basis" "I sold $1500 in stock over the last 3 months by doing consignment and picked up lots more accounts because of the exposure" blah blah blah. It gives the impression that they just sit back while people flock to them demanding their goods. I know that can't be the case, but damn. I haven't gotten very many wholesale requests, none from trunkt, and only one has resulted in an order.

I added pictures to my price list. Made it into a pdf. Now I'm thinking I should have orderd the content differently, maybe put in a table of contents since the pictures made it 8 pages long. Each stage of this has been an excuse not to send it to people. And a further worry: if I send it to shops unsolicited, will they hate me? Will I be blowing my chance at a fruitful relationship by approaching retailers this way? It doesn't matter so much for ones on the other side of the country, but gums up things for contacting ones in cities within 4 hours of here. Which are the ones I most need to go ahead and contact.

And it's sleety outside, the driveway is ice and the sidewalk? I'm afraid to look. I'm playing homeowner possum. Or course our Responsible Neighbors were out shoveling their driveway and walk all morning, but I'm not doing it, no sir. I mow the grss in the summer. that's all I do, dammit.

I did waste a good hour there trying to design a new neckwire thing. My model in teh cheap wire seemed promising, but of course when I switched to the expensive wire I fucked it up. Well, it's too short, and doesn't hang right. Shouldn't have tried to make it so pretty. It would have been pretty enough, and functional to boot, but I had to push it. Now I don't have enough wire to do another one (unless I want to use ALL my 18ga silver wire, but one still must make clasps don't you know.)

My day:
1. wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with lots of ideas of what I will do.
2. drink tea and sit on computer for an hour.
3. varnish.
4. sit on computer. feel my spirits sink.
5. Waffle about what to do next. Sit on computer while I'm trying to figure out what to do.
6. Work out. Listen to Fresh Air.
7. Eat lunch.
8. Wallow in self-pity and despair.
9. varnish.
10. write blog entry about how useless I am.
11. varnish. Listen to NPR news. Work out.
12. make some things.
13. Eat dinner. Watch bad TV. Go to sleep.

I bet the successful sellers' days don't look exactly like this, but what to change, what to change?

Phooey. Off to varnish I go.

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