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Language Log

Friday, Mar. 07, 2008 - 7:38 a.m.

I was totally right, it was my booth. The helpful gallery manager who is my new best friend looked at my failing entry photos and said, yeah, it's the booth. And there were other things about the other photos that I would never in a million years have guessed would be issues: the background has to be the same, or it reads as unprofessional. Apparently if the photos read as unprofessional, tehy assume your work is shoddy, too. The photo size has to be consistent, or ditto. But that's easy enough to fix.

So it looks like I have to sink some more money into the booth. Ouch. After considering a number of cockamamie schemes, I finally decided to go with the mesh wall, from which I can hang all the frames I spent so much time (and money) making last year. Not quite the 'frames floating in space' look I wanted, but also less likely to swing and hit a kid in the head. And also, the chains I used were less than ideal, also not really contributing to the 'frames hanging in space' look either, if truth be told.

So, plan of action: order mesh wall today. When they arrive next week, pray the weather is not horrible like it has been, set the whole shebang up in the driveway (not a problem at all, the helpful person says), retake photos. Hopefully get them done in time for the only good show deadline I have not already missed for the year. Apply. Get in. Do happy dance.

I should also buy a pedestal (they like pedestals, I'm told), and a blown up photo of my jewelry. Then, then I will rule the world.

And the credit card company will own my ass again. Just for a little while.

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