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Saturday, Mar. 29, 2008 - 9:43 p.m.

Well, the show went okay. I am not a rich woman now, but it was okay for what it was. Another $100 and I would have been very happy. But then, that's always true, isn't it?

Had the pleasure of some people who had bought things of mine at the Perambulating Chelonian pass by, compliment me, and in one case, buy more.

The whole online group thing, though. There's this group of crafters from the state, united through Etsy. There were a bunch of them there; I thought some of them would have come by to say hi and introduce themselves. They did not. Well, the one woman I already knew did, but I'm speaking specifically of all the new introductions, which was EVERYBODY ELSE. I did go and said hi to a couple in the morning when I got a chance, but no one came to visit me.

It may just be the post-socialisation sourness still with me, but gosh. What the hell is it good for. I had this vision of the friendly folks I chat with online being, you know, friendly and chatty in person, too-- there would be chumminess, there would be coffee afterward perhaps. Well, so much for that fantasy. Really, I keep trying because I think it's the normal, healthy thing to do, but one of these days I'm going to conclude once and for all that it's just not worth it.

All of which pessimistic glass-half-full-of-poison outlook is overlooking the fact that I did meet many other nice people, and three real-life friends did come by to say hello. (again, not as many as I was hoping; none of my linguistics peeps bothered despite my having mentioned it on Facebook several days in advance)

Oh, well, I fall well below expectations most of the time myself. I think I've just got the human-contact blues again.

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