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Monday, May. 05, 2008 - 11:06 p.m.

Ugh, termites. Termites are an expensive bug to have. I have to dig up half of what I just planted and some things that are well established because they have to treat the house and no one knows what the chemical will do to you if you eat a plant that is within range of it. So I'm dutifully uprooting the sorrell and the lettuce and a couple of the lemon balms and the peppermint and finding new places to put them. I'll also have to root some sage cuttings.

But it gives me an excuse to just dig up and toss a whole patch of garlic chives. I'll just have to put in flowers within 5' of the house. I'll have to extend the garden out-- something I've wanted to do, but have lacked the motivation to do. I don't do these things properly. I don't till. I just pull out weeds with my hands, then dig a little hole and put decent soil into just that little hole for the plant. It's why I'm an herb gardener, not a veggie gardener.

Still this is all happening less than a week before my first serious show of the season--or, arguably, ever-- and although I feel strangely well prepared, I know I can't possibly be. Not well prepared enough to spend all this time on the garden just now.

I still have to:
varnish things.
assemble things (especially earrings)
put things on displays.
make sure I have all my pricing signs ready.
Make the extra set of concrete weights.
Buy another container to transport things in.
get enough change.
organize my paperwork: business cards, credit card slips, receipt book.
pack the car.
prep my packaging: info cards folded and in boxes; stickers applied to boxes; boxes packed.
print up a list of my show schedule to hand out.
make more necklace cords.

Ok, maybe not so ready. But I actually bought a mileage log tonight. If you do things like that, it makes you automatically prepared, doesn't it?

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