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Thursday, May. 08, 2008 - 6:52 a.m.

Raining. Preventing me from finishing moving whatever plants I'm going to move before the termite treatment tomorrow takes them permanently off the menu. I also failed to get the front lawn mowed before the deluge began yesterday.

Got the second set of concrete weights made for my canopy last night. 60 lbs of weight on every corner: try to get that to budge, 30 mile an hour winds! Or better, don't, for you won't be able to. Don't even try it. And please don't send in a torndao; that's not fighting fair.

Still a bit glum after my latest rejection. Not questioning-my-very-existence glum, but well-so-much-for-my-September-earnings-and-what-the-hell-do-these-people-want-anyway glum. I did get invited to participate in a work shop in art business before the show next week. I wrote the teacher (a very successful jewelry artist herself) with some things I'd like info on, and she wrote back that, for one thing, my PRICES ARE ABSURDLY LOW. That's how she put it, caps and all. So I'm looking forward to hearing how I can fix that and still get people to buy stuff. I hope she has more to bring to it than the excel sheet of expenses and calculating in overhead and a little profit, because I already do that, that's how I got my prices in the first place.

Anyway, I have a lot of earrings to assemble today and tomorrow. Best get to it.

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