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Language Log

Friday, May. 16, 2008 - 7:31 a.m.

Well, I was a little disappointed in teh workshop. She was very nice and very successful or whatever, but told me very little I didn't already know. Not NOTHING, but not much. Guess what? Presentation is important. Your booth really has to look nice. And your photos should be professionally done, and should reflect a cohesive body of work.

She did hand out her press pack/marketing materials, and it was helpful to see it done right. But I still don't know how to make a line sheet that makes sense for my production-line-is-not-possible work. Which is all of it.

And I learned that good professional photos will cost your your firstborn, but will be worth it.

Oh, well, we're introduced now and her booth is near where I am and I'll be able to pick her brain more fruitfully later.

Main thing I didn't like so much was the constant discussion of how much money she makes. I'm happy to know what is possible in concrete terms, but she looks at 50k a year for a jewelry artist as somewhat pitiful; I would be ecstatic with that.

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