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Monday, May. 19, 2008 - 5:35 p.m.

An exhausting weekend. Lots of carrying semi-heavy, awkwardly shaped things long distances, trying to keep things from blowing over, being cold, being warm, and watching others sell way more than me. Eating nothing but humble pie all weekend. Did I need to eat humble pie? I don't think so-- either that or it didn't do the job, because I still think my stuff is awesome. I'm just a little astounded that at one of the biggest art shows in the state, more people didn't agree. I think not having my proper display and full array of goods out, nor signage, was part of the problem. I mean, I sold some stuff and will get a decent check, but it wasn't all I had dreamed of.

Also, there was one jeweler in the booth who was very unpleasant to me and a couple others, but was a total ass-kisser with the gallery manager. I think she sold even less than I did, though, so nyah nyah.

One earring strayed from the herd, laid out in the grass overnight through some serious thunderstorms, and then got stepped on before it was found. It hardly shows. I'm not sure whether I should rehabilitate it (I think a good sanding and fresh coat or two of varnish would have it good as new) or keep it as Exhibit A demonstrating durability.

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